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An audiobook of one of my poems

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I'll throw in another poem as well

The Consumer
There once lived a boy named Donald Trump
who stopped by some toys,
Some were blue and others yellow.
“I do not like yellow action figures,” he said.
And then what was yellow did not exist.

Then he attended a good school,
and stopped by some library books,
some were about art and others were about maths.
“I do not like maths,” he said.
And then that subject did not exist.

Then he bought a very nice PC
and discovered internet newspapers,
some promoted taxes and others did not
“I do not like taxes,” he said.
And then the other media did not exist.

Believe it or not, this boy did not become president:
he became YOU.

by Michael Henrik Wynn
(edited 8 months ago)
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Here is another video I made of one of my poems. It is satire, but there is a little more depth to this one than you might first realize. It is more ambiguous than some might think.

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I write short stories as well, and yesterday wrote a sad one that turned out ok. But I am afraid to post that sort of thing too many places.

So, here is another satirical poem:

“The Orangutan”, a poem
The subject has shown aggression towards its former mate today
and relocated closer to my vantage point.
I observe it as it from a position of comfort
examines its balls,
and demonstratively displays
its private parts.
It then makes vocal and other signs of frustration,
pounds its chest at the powers that be,
moving rapidly around its place of abode,
sometimes displaying muscles,
and other times
making postures of sexual domination,
accompanied by panting and heavy breathing.

I see all this on my PC,
which is both my notebook
and my one-way mirror.

But I will say nothing about this
when I see him at work later today.

by Michael Henrik Wynn

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