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Chances of becoming a professional football player at 16

I am 16 nearly 17, I have never played for a club but I think I'm really good at it. Is there a chance I could play for my small Sunday league club or is it too late?
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It's not what you think, it what other people think. You need to be playing for a club to learn proper fitness training and techniques and that is where the scouts will be watching. Also, it's not necessarily the stand-out player they look for, but one with potential, who's a team player and can read the game well.

A lot of young footballers have been several years at an academy by age 16, so you're behind the drag curve, but look at Sunday League as something fun. There are very few who actually sign a pro contract out of those who are taken on, and you would need a back-up plan anyway.
You are behind the curve, significantly , because for lads especially the academy system is picking people up at 10 or 11 wit hthe aim to have them into full time training as soon as legally allowed ( after bespoke FE courses post GCSE) .

Add in that the pyramid starts to slim at 16 for football ( as opposed to other activities where 16 / 18 opens up different access routes to elite level activity)

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