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So there this girl…

There’s this girl in my school who I guess I’m “friends” with but if I’m being honest I don’t like her very much. I cut her off years ago but started hanging beside her a year ago and let’s just say it’s been difficult.

She is very condescending and acts better than everyone. She is very loud and talkative, I’m not. And that’s not a bad thing. I can be loud and fun, I’m just not around her understand? Sometimes in school I lie down cos I’m tired and school is long, and she implies I’m lazy and antisocial when I go on my phone. But it’s MY phone? I just don’t know what her problem is. The issue is she’s always like this and always will be. (I swear there’s literally no changing her)

And with boys do not even ask. Every time a guy likes me she gets very I don’t want to say jealous but acts so strange. There’s this gu in my year and we both like each other but we never talk, don’t ask. 😅 and she sits next to him in maths and he of course isn’t interested in her but she always comes up to me complains that she “hates” sitting next to him and such and such. But her other friend always ships them together and it’s just weird.

She has a difficult life at home and I completely understand and I want to help her. I feel like that’s why she acts a certain way. But she just always says mean stuff and acts like I’m so dumb and stupid when our grades are the same🤣 it’s just frustrating. And I don’t like being around her. Am I being too mean or am I in the right ?

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