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Trouble with flatmate

Trouble with flatmate | Advice please

Im a second year student in a flat with two others, one of which I lived with in halls during first year.

She made a few rude comments over the year and did a few other things but I was able to brush them all off.

However near the end of the year, after I’d agreed to live with her again and it was too late to find an alternative, she emotionally manipulated me through guilt tripping.
This completely threw off the way I felt about her and I’ve felt uncomfortable being alone with her since.

I find it really hard to speak to her now and its really really exhausting. I cant even make eye contact whilst talking to her and I feel really rude.

Im just not sure if there’s any way to make life a bit easier for the rest of the year - I’ve already decided I wont be living with her again in third year, I just want to make it bearable for the time being :’)

Thank you.
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Unless you feel you can talk it though with her and improve things, the best option is to treat her with distant courtesy. It’s likely if you can rise above it and with a bit of time passing it will feel better. Talk it though with your other flat mate or friends to get some support. Who knows she might even see the error of her ways and try to build a bridge. Flat sharing isn’t always easy, it’s about finding a way through. By third year people have usually found like minded folk that they enjoy living with

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