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Can my flatmate ban my boyfriend from my bedroom?

Im in my 4th year of uni but our year group are staying in halls for a year away from the uni city as part of our course. I have a flatmate who suddenly started hating my boyfriend who’s also in our year (shes very jealous and possessive so i think it’s because i was spending my time with him). She told uni that she saw him essentially beat me up/abuse me in our flat and that she was uncomfortable seeing him at uni, and they obviously had to take it very seriously in case it was true but quickly realised it was false as another flatmate witnessed the alleged incident and of course i categorically denied it. This caused a lot of stress, and she’s since been very creepy and slightly threatening towards my boyfriend and i by making him move tutor group yet going up to his new one to talk to them when he’s there (suggesting that she doesnt actually feel uncomfortable around him) and she randomly stopped talking to me about a week before reporting it to uni with no explanation. She also continued to follow us both on social media and view our stories, which again i think is a sign that she really isnt threatened by him. My bedroom in the flat has its own lease and I feel it’s very unfair for her to ban him as he would stay in my room and she wouldn’t see him so I can’t see how it would affect her. Can she actually ban him from my bedroom? Its been a few months of him not coming over and i’m beginning to feel quite miserable and upset as I’m paying so much for my room and don’t feel like i can enjoy it. She does other crazy things too like using my dishmatic to unblock the drain, putting her clothes airer directly in front of my bedroom door and putting her menstrual cup and muddy sweaty running clothes on my clean towel in the bathroom +more. I feel very unsafe around her and lots of her previous housemates have had similar problems, and i just really want to be able to bring my boyfriend to my room sometimes so that im not constantly carrying bags of my stuff between flats. Any advice appreciated on whether this is possible and how i should broach the subject to my other flatmates as i’ve not spoken to them about any of it because uni advised me not to tell anyone or i might get in trouble with professionalism staff (i think this is quite dodgy of them to have said too lol esp as i was the alleged victim) :smile:
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She sounds bloody crazy. Why don't you move out if it's an option. Be careful of the loon.

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