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Overwhelming weed smell from flatmate in student halls - what to do???

So I do smoke weed once in a while. I don't normally mind the smell but my flatmate is just absolutely insane. She smokes like 2-3 times a week which is fair but REFUSES to open windows in her flat and also smokes in the kitchen. It absolutely reeks.

I know someone who loves in the dorm above me and they say they can smell it in their flat which is insane. My room just SMELLS. I don't mind the smell but when it's invading my personal space enough is enough yk?

Keeping in mind I have spoken to this flatmate about slamming the door to the flat (it shakes my whole wall and causes damage to things I have up) and have not been the most sociable roommate (its not that i dont like them, its that im literally living with strangers and have no interest in them at all). How can I tell them to open a ******* window without coming off as THAT flatmate??

Am I in the wrong here too? I just feel like it's wrong to walk up and down the hallway, blunt in hand. They also lean against my door and bang on it sometimes. I struggle with it a lot, but I don't know if anyone else in my flat has a problem with it and I know they already talk about me for being the 'quiet weird one'. I have friends, im just autistic and I am burnt out during the nights, which is when I normally see them.

LIKE- I don't want to come off like im exaggerating here. I have to study, I don't wanna be huffing ur ******* fumes while I'm trying to get **** done, but I don't wanna be THAT flatmate that always has a problem with peoples personal ****. But it's like YOUR decision to smoke, not mine. Can I just get peoples opinions on this? Am I in the wrong? I knew moving in that people would smoke weed but to not open a window and to walk up and down the hallway with it to the point that people upstairs can smell it just feels really weird.
That's a reasonable thing to object to, It's one thing to complain about weed in general, but quite another to say 'look this is stinking the whole place out and people are talking'

If other flats are talking about it that's a huge warning sign and the argument I'd be leading with, if they can smell it others can too, be they officials/staff or more undesirable visitors. If you smoke pretty much anything regularly you become pretty numb to the smell so they might not really be aware just how much they're stinking the place out.
Sometimes you have to fight for your own sanity, you know? I get that you don't want to be that one annoying flatmate but it sounds to me that you won't be - this person is the annoying flatmate already and you need to do something about it for your mental sanity. It would drive me insane to have the flat stinking of weed and then also having an annoying neighbour that openly smokes in the hallway and then leans and bangs on your door. That doesn't fly with me and it shouldn’t fly with you either, you have one hell of a disruptive flatmate and you're not in the wrong here. If anything you're a saint for exhibiting far more patience than most people would!

If you look for it online, you'll find your university's policies on reporting disruptive flatmates, whom do you need to inform, etc etc. I recommend you familiarise yourself with this and give a warning to this disruptive flatmate of yours. If she fails to act on it, just carry on with whatever your university's disruptive flatmate policy is.

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