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AL Russian help needed

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to do the Writing for Edexcel A-level Russian 2020.

I'm doing Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov.

The question is: "Рассмотрите, до какой степени социальные перемены являются самой главной темой этой пьесы."

The mark scheme only mentions three points:
- Emancipation of the Serfs occured 40 years before the play, which has contributed to the contrast between the present and the past (Ranevskaya and Gaev now struggle financially, whereas Lopakhin can afford the orchard)
- Servants developing the confidence to transcend their class (Dunyasha being arrogant)
- Trofimov rejecting the idea that emancipation makes the serfs free.

But I don't see how the second and third points relate to социальные перемены, and also I'm struggling to find any counter-points at all. Afterall, the play is centered around social change (e.g. the power lines and railway being built), and Firs is the only one who firmly rejects change and he's not enough to talk about.

спасибо !
Servant beings arrogant means servant lost that fear against their masters. Lopakhin example shows it is now possible for non-aristocracy to become powerful man and long lasting distance between masters and servants are now eliminated.

About emancipation, here is important that someone is using such term. It means society changed so much so it now talks about women rights, which never was under discussion before
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