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Is it a bad idea to learn Russian during A-levels?

So i’ve wanted to learn Russian for a while now, and I was going to start it alongside this school year (outside of school), but i’m not sure if Russian would be too much to do on top of all my A-level work, especially as it’d be the first language i’ve done since year 8, and would already be difficult to learn.

I have no reason to learn Russian besides a personal desire to, as I don’t need it for any school or career related reasons (as far as i know) but I don’t know if trying to learn Russian would become overwhelming on top of A-lvls or add on too much work that could potentially take away from how I preform in my exams- does anyone have any thoughts on this? :smile:
it depends how intensely you start learning the language i suppose !! if you plan on using duolingo or something, then it shouldn't be too much extra work for yourself, you can dip in whenever you have the time, and step back when your workload is heavier !!

always keep your a-level work your priority !! but there will definitely be time between your schoolwork for hobbies such as learning russian !! good luck !!!!
Hmm, the ease of comprehension will depend on your language history too. Do you speak any other languages?

Either way, you can learn it in your spare time but keep priority on a level :smile: It will help your CV

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