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Neck lump

Hi guys so I smoke weed but I don’t a lot not much I used to. I know this my not be the appropriate place to post it on but just a bit concerned. As I don’t want lung cancer or any bad lung diseases, I also have edibles which I want to substitute so I can quit smoking as it will be more off a healthier option.

I just wanted to know for all weed smokers out there if you experienced a lump on throat after you smoked long term. I am going to get it checked out soon I am just don’t like seeing doctors, also I been to the dentist and they were feeling my throat and it said that my throat is tender not sure what’s that about.
You need to see a GP, nobody else is both qualified and able/willing to advise you on the internet (as those qualified medically aren't going to give medical advice over the internet to someone they've never examined and whose medical history they don't know, as it would be both a major ethical issue and also just medico-legally a huge liability).

If it is something they are concerned about then they will refer you to a specialist for further investigations.
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