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Work experience yr 10

Hello, I'm a year 10 student trying to find literally anyplace to go for an astronomy or astrophysics based work experience in Cambridge. I've tried Cambridge Uni and many others but no one is open. Any help
Hiya @TillyMm

I'm Arya, a 3rd year astrophysics and cosmology student at Lancaster University.
I found finding work experience within astro quite a challenge but what I did find really useful during my school years was finding related courses to attend that allows you to get an insight into the subject and the industry. I attended various courses including nuclear engineering, astrophysics, cyberfirst and an online course with Airbus, however as it wasn't work, I wasn't paid so if you're looking to be paid then this may not be the way to go forward.
However, I found universities and future employees love seeing these courses as a way of being proactive and independently challenging yourself outside of school.
I found my courses via the Smallpeice Trust and Springpod, which should have a broad range of STEM-based courses to do that look good on applications and CV's!

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask,
Arya (Lancaster University Ambassador)

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