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Postgraduate student loan after overseas travelling.

Hey guys I'm hoping somebody could please help.

I completed my undergrad in 2018 and afterwards went travelling. I was travelling in New Zealand when covid hit and ended up staying there longer than planned as I had to work back my savings etc. I then travelled to Aus and have been living and working casually up until now.#

I feel that I'm ready to come back to the UK and I wish to study a post grad degree. I will need a student finance loan to afford to do this.

Will I still be eligible? I left the UK December 2018 and will return this December. I have been back for visits in between travels and I still have my residential family address where mail is delivered and an active UK bank account.

Any guidance would be great thank you!
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You never know until you apply. Given that your uk address and details are still in use, give your application a shot and see how it goes. There’s usually a lower chance of approval if you’ve been for more than 3 years.
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Thank you! Maybe I will try anyway.

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