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My first term studying a postgraduate degree at the University of Chester.

Approaching the end of my first term as a masters student, concerns about workload, support, and striking a balance between university and home life loomed.
The thought of increased academic independence brought forth questions about navigating tasks alone and the potential for a lack of support. However, these concerns were promptly dispelled by a network of knowledgeable and approachable staff. Their willingness to assist with any challenges while allowing me the space to thrive independently has been reassuring to say the least.
While I acknowledge that achieving a perfect balance between university and home life is a work in progress, the substantial support i have received has alleviated any apprehensions about not succeeding and making the most out of this year.
Just as I was sure the Univeristy of Chester was the place to be for my undergraduate, the music department continue to make it a joy and I’m excited for what the year holds.

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