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Growth Spurt

Hello I’m 22 years old turning 23 next month I went today to my gp to have a flu jab done and I then asked the nurse to have my height measured as I was curious to know if there was any change since the last time I got measured. The nurse measured me and my height is 183cm (1.83 meters) in foot is 6’0. I asked the nurse was that accurate she said it was and I told her Im 22 turning 23 next month and Im still growing I was then therefore like could I be one of those boys growing till 25 she was like is there a family history of growth my mum is like 5’4 and dad is like 5’7 I was like no but she said I could potentially grow to be 6’1 maybe in this case as I’m growing. Do you think I have a growth spurt even a growth of one inch?

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