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Getting back into the gym, advice

Hi all
Wanting to maintain anonymity as I find it a sensitive subject.

I'm looking for advice on how best to reintegrate & rejoin a gym, what sort of schedule to follow for strength training.

I have been out of the gym since covid (as I used to play sports and train together) and noticably suffered since. My stamina falling is one of the worst things I notice now, I felt good when I was able to feel the positive effects of training.

My plan was to build my stamina by going on more walks again, and then rejoin the gym and keep going just with cardio there instead.

My goal is to put on more muscle again and would like to focus on this mainly, amongst also developing my general fitness (Stamina etc.) again. I was wondering what would be the best route to follow (heard of push/pull?), what a schedule can look like (is 1/2 intensive sessions a week good = 4/5/6 shorter sessions?), and, maybe a more stupid concern but, how to learn how to use some of the newer machines that my gym has added in my absence. I feel quite like an imposter re-entering again and understand this feeling will go away after I feel positive results as this happened before.

Another concern of mine is that I am now going to be going by myself, which is much more alien as I always used to go with another friend previously (who had taught me about the machines, following his schedules and rotating, etc.)

The only concept I still remember vaguely is progressive overload, but I am not sure as to how frequently this is followed (i.e. every week, every other week, every 4 weeks to try bump up what you can)

Would love to hear any thoughts, thanks in advance.
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Can't seem to edit, but wanted to add. I've been noticing when I've walked long-distances (5km+) my recovery time is much, much longer, and I seem to get really tight sensations in the back of my leg for 2/3 days after, sometimes even cramp randomly which is awful. I never really recall this happening to me before. Assuming this is attributed to a lack of fitness, or is there anything I ought to keep in mind to prevent this effect post-walking.
I you need to just gradually and slowly improve the number of exercises according to your stamina
Yeah. Lift heavy. Get that Zyzz physique.
Make sure to begin gradually and steadily increment the power of your exercises as you get once again into the daily practice. It's additionally critical to pay attention to your body and stop assuming you experience any aggravation or inconvenience.

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