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My gf being friends with a guy who used to like her

My gf has recently just found out that one of her online guy friends used to have feelings for her.I said I’m not comfortable with them carrying on their friendship am I wrong for that
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You are perfectly entitled to say how you feel, presumably because you feel this relationship is a potential threat? There is also a wide scope as to what is meant by to 'carry on' ?

If your gf has care and consideration for you she would curtail this relationship, if you have explained why it makes you feel uncomfortable. However, it depends to what degree she is 'carrying on', is it casual conversation or meeting up? It can be a big confidence boost to know someone carries the flame for you. But equally if she sees the grass is greener and there are flaws in your relationship with her she might well decamp and find love elsewhere.

None of us 'own' anyone or have the right to possess someone else in any relationship. For true love (& marriage) to flourish with love and laughter each free spirit has an unconditional right to stay together, by choice, never by force, and never by pressure from others.
A girl you are seeing should not have good guy friends, what for? Feelings develop if they are close, so of course a bad idea! Why would you need to consider it? If you in the future both of you have some argument and she doesn't feel good, who do you think she will go to talk about her feelings to?
Trying to control other peoples friendships or socially isolate them rarely goes well or leaves you looking reasonable.

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