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Gf goes on girls trip and ads guys on Instagram

My gf told me months before that she was going to LA Disney land with a couple of here girls. They also went to beach. It was supposed to be a couple of them but ended up being just her 1 single friend could make it. Whole time she was respnding but barely and no calls was always around friends or comparing about data for calls.went for 5 days I was still cool at this point but seen she added two dudes on Instagram. When she came home I asked her if she gave her number or anything out out she said no. I mentioned the guys name she said she didn’t know who that was. I asked for her phone and his name was in the searches. She said oh she didn’t know that’s who I was talking about cuz she calls him a different name. She got defensive. I told her to delete them she said the one guys she gave her Instagram to because he wouldn’t leave her alone and was gonna delete him.The other guy she said it was just friendly said was a photographer. We’ve been together 3 years. And she’s been faithful As far as I know . I don’t know if I’m over reacting or not.
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It could be sincere, but I would also fall in your favour. I don't think it's appropriate and lying about it makes it seem worse, as she seems like she's trying to pretend it means nothing.

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