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Is it normal for an employer to ask about right to work in the UK in an interview

In a phone interview?
Original post by Anony345533
In a phone interview?

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Employers have a right to ask whether you are legally entitled to work in the UK. It is also their responsibility to verify whether they hire someone who has the right to work in the UK. Therefore, it is becoming a popular question during the interview stage or even at the very beginning when you complete the application form.

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Original post by Anony345533
In a phone interview?

Yes they have a legal obligation to ask any potential employees about there legal rights to work in the UK, whether this is during a interview or providing evidence during the application process then you have to provide whatever right to work documents to them.

Agree with what the person said about it in reply 1.
Yeah, very normal. Either via declaration on the app or as part of the interview.

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