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Immigration Enforcement

Is it safe to say that most people who interviewed for IE roles within the last 12 months is through now?..

If so good luck on your respective journeys.
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What's this?
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Original post by Seanm1379
It's been quiet a journey for all of us. However there is a saying that says patience is a virtue and sometimes its best to just wait and make life takes its course.

We are all here for a reason, 99.99% are here to make a difference but most importantly to better ourselves and family . For those of us who have started or are about to start. Lets Value the opportunity given to us, lets add value to that job, remain loyal, committed and disciplined working with the utmost integrity at all times.

To thos who are waiting.... Your time is just around the corner , when it comes grab it and start your role with the same enthusiasm you had in waiting. Wishing you all the best wherever you are.

Never knew North Korea advertised on TSR, i for one welcome a lifetime of servitude.


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