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Hiya, I’ve recently just started working at Morrisons and I’m really really scared to ID people which is probably the most stupidest thing ever and I’m aware I’m such a wet wipe. If anyone’s worked in retail you must of been aware of the challenge 25 policy ? And therefore must also have been informed of mystery shoppers? Well they scare the **** out of me. I’m so scared of the testers that come in, in case I fail it, and even tho I’m scared to ID people if they are clearly young ofc I’m going to ID them without a doubt. Tbh when I ID for alcohol I don’t really get that scared as I know people expect it and the thing I’m scared of the most is just people’s reactions. I’m just scared to ID for any other age restricted items like energy drinks and paracetamol as you still have to apply to challenge 25 rule and I’m so so scared people are going to get mad at me. I also want to just ask what other people do who work at retail do ? Like if two clearly over 16 people come in for an energy drink or paracetamol but look under 25 do you have to ID both people or just the one? As I feel people would think your insane for asking ID from both for paracetamol ? I know this post may sound insane but it’s a fear of mine, and I’m in a pickle as I’m so scared of failing a tester but also scared of asking for ID. Also can anyone tell me how people react when being ID for paracetamol ? As I’ve never actually had to ask before as have only recently just started !

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