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Called rude and disrespectful by the ward manager, in front of a staff huddle

The ward manager has been on annual leave for most of my placement, but I've heard plenty of not-so-nice things about her in the last four weeks. She returned on Monday and was keen to inform me that she had many decades of experience in this job, and that she knew better than anyone when a patient was dying (this was in relation to one of my very sick patients taking a turn).

Yesterday, the day and night staff had a morning huddle before handover. The poorly patient had indeed RIP'ed overnight. Almost like she was proud, the ward manager told us that she predicted the death, and that she had made sure everything was prepared the day before.

At the same time as this huddle, the non-nursing staff behind the reception desk were setting up for the day, just a few feet away from us. They were moving around a lot, making a lot of noise.

Now I'm not shy about informing colleagues that I have mental health issues, as well as ADHD, and a hearing impairment. It's even documented on my PARE, in case I require adjustments. They should know, so that we can avoid the situation that occurred yesterday:

"Am I straining your attention (my name)?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Well it's disrespectful not to look at someone when they're talking. It means you're not listening, which is quite rude when we're discussing something this important."

This is the top dog of the ward, calling out a student nurse that she doesn't know, in front of a dozen other staff members, because I wasn't looking at her constantly when she was talking to ALL OF US.

I had been looking at her on and off, but when there are loud noises and lots of movement right next to me, I am going to look away to the source of the distraction from time to time, I can't help it. However, I am capable of multi-tasking, I can still be listening while not looking at you, in fact, that's how quite a lot of ADHD'ers listen apparently.

That situation alone would've been the cherry on top of what has been an awful placement, but she had to take it a step further.

I log in to my PARE today, to find a comment from the CPF/PEF assigned to my ward area. She has visited the ward today (my day off) and spoke to the ward manager, who has raised concerns about my 'communication issues', and will try and visit me later in the week to discuss.

On top of that, I've also noticed today that the CPF/PEF has removed/edited the parts of my PARE where I have mentioned not being able to meet my learning and development needs. I didn't even know they could do that, but frankly I think it's disgusting that she is basically trying to censor my poor experience on the ward.


Four more shifts, just FOUR MORE SHIFTS!
Hi there!

That is awful, and I'm sorry that you are experiencing this. Your comments should not have been removed, and this entire situation needs to be escalated to your university, especially anyone who works on the disability team. I have dyspraxia and I'm aware students with ADHD fall under the disability team, so please contact them.
If it's already documented on your PARE, and you have a RAPP (Reasonable Adjustment Plan for Placement) then this sounds like a potential breach of this, and should be reported.

Make sure to complete your assessment at the end, and keep everything documented for your own records

Nat (Current student nurse)
I'm assuming you have some kind of placement tutor, you should probably raise these issues with them urgently.

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