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I did something really embarrassing last Friday with my friends

Last Friday I was at spoons w my friends and I did something rlly embarrassing while I was drunk. My friends recorded it and the evidence is there. Apparently tho many ppl from my uni know about it and some even brought it up to me. At this point I feel like thats whats everyone will know me for. The worst part is that Im scared to talk to new ppl in my uni bc they probably know what happened.

I learned from my actions and i will start to control my alcohol, but idk what to do bc I dont feel like i wanna talk to anyone if ik that the gossips out. Idk if the friends i was with r even my real friends. Does anyone have advice that isnt “learn from ur actions”?
My take: your Friday night drinking buddies were too restrained to do anything worth capturing on video and sharing with others.
It's not your fault they're somewhat boring stiffs on boozy nights out. And that they are so lacking in the ability to amuse themselves and have so little going on in their lives that they went to the bother of videoing you and spreading it around - like idle gossips.

Don't let embarrassing incidents deter you from doing what you want to do.
Carry on having a great time at uni. The more often you do something embarrassing, the more amusing anecdotes you'll have up your sleeve.

It's worth doing something really embarrassing from time to time just to shake up the oh so conventional and staid people around you.
And getting out of your comfort zone will help to make you less socially stifled - which is great news for your social skills.

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