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Getting drunk with friends - not sure what to do?

So on Friday night me and 3 of my friends went into town to do “day drinking” (it was at like 5pm we started). Anyways we all got like a drinks package so every one of us (whilst we were out) had the same amount to drink. One or two of my friends had already started drinking quite a bit beforehand.

The thing that annoys me about it all however is that when it comes to these things somehow I’m always acting, or are the drunkest. I know for a fact that I didn’t drink more than anyone because one of my friends was on like his 8th or 9th whilst I was on like my 6th. We didn’t leave any earlier but obviously I must have been acting quite drunk without realising and one of my friends was trying to get me to sober up.

We went to get food and that did help me, just want to clarify I didn’t do anything bad whatsoever, I’ve acted wayyyy worse in the past with less drink. A couple of us actually stayed out for a good few hours longer and I was fine the rest of the night. Above all though I just feel ashamed and embarrassed even tho nothing actually happened. I feel as though I’ve made a fool out of myself and that my friends secretly dislike me even though there’s not really any reason to think that. It just annoys me that it has to affect me the most out of everyone.

I know the obvious answer would just be don’t drink as much next time…..let me clarify my friends were literally encouraging me to drink faster (in the first place that we went to) because we were going to go to another place that we’d booked. It’s not like I was proper chugging stuff whilst everyone else was taking their time.
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I'm the exact same way, I drink as much as everyone else around me to keep up and end up being way more drunk than everyone else. After going through this a few times I have finally learnt that my alcohol tolerance is much lower and i simply order less drinks than everyone else and take my time with them. I know how it is when you're being encouraged to drink more but in the end you're the one who will have to put up with any stupid mistakes you make when drunk and the hangover that comes after it. So it isn't worth drinking more than you can handle for everyone else's sake. If these are real friends they will understand and look out for you, not judge you or encourage you to drink too much

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