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i don't really know what to do anymore. basically im in a school and i really don't like it there but i can't leave because im not on a waiting list for any other school nearby and im in a gcse year. the people there always laugh at me and say things about me behind my back. i feel excluded from my friends - i most of the time cry when i get home because i feel so alone and once i even had a panic attack and i had to go to school the next day and act fine. ive told my friends about being excluded and they said that they all feel that way and that i get mad at everything. i really dont know what to do anymore i feel like i have no one to talk to
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At some point in our lives we've all felt like that. I thing changing schools wouldn't be a good idea especially around this time when you're doing your gcse year and it's really important for you and your future. On the brighter side, you still have people you can call your friends and that's always a plus. I'm currently in year 13 and I felt that way too but eventually I started to learn to ignore what people said about me or come up with something to say to them. Even when I was with friends I felt there was some sort of barrier between us but I realised that I was using them as well, even tho we didn't get on too well I was only sticking close to them so I wasn't alone. This may sound stupid but I think for now you should focus on the positives, focus on school and when you're in college you'll definitely find people you get along with, just like me.

Good luck

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