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Stopped looking

Hi guys 26M so I’ve decided to delete all dating apps and not look for a relationship. Because even though that’s what I want I think now a days it when it also comes down too social media I think it’s quit impossible for me to a girlfriend. It is really difficult.

I know people say it will happen unexpectedly I really doubt that because of how other peoples relationships have ended and some of them have had many years into a relationship and just ended and with I heard about people’s relationships I really doubt myself.

I am not trying to he negative even though it’s sound like it coming from me. I believe that myself as a guy I can consider myself attractive and it’s the confidence issue with girls. But mainly for me I have given up with it and I’m more focused on myself now and what I were I want to go In life and it’s time to me to get my **** together.

I think I’m general is i lack of confidence big time in a social environment and I’ve been struggling for a long time and trying make my voice louder as I’m quite a quiet person in general

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