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Why was this girl so rude to me?

I was at a very alternative to say the least festival. I go to a lot of shows but I don't look like I listen to the music at all. I get lots of compliments for my style there though usually and people always tell me to never stop being me and guys like me too. Yesterday I was really drunk sitting at a table with a friend late at night, a girl randomly came up to me and first asked the guy "you don't really think you can get with HER do you" then she went to insult me how I look like a ***** and that I should stop dressing like that and that I look like I don't belong. (I wore a bright dress with heeled boots, I know I don't look like I belong lmao) then she said something along the lines of that everyone's laughing at me behind my back because I look "cheap and plastic". Her friend sat with us too and she told her to stop being rude and that everyone she heard talk about me was saying that I'm hot, I feel like she only said that out of pity

I was really nice about it because the rude girl looked like she's one to start fights, I even tried talking to her normally and gave her a compliment on her bandshirt but she legit ignored me. But what she said really hurt ngl like I'm just being myself. She also kept trying to get with the guy I was sitting with and she kept telling me to stop being a ***** and if I know everyone is staring at my tits. Later we all sat together and she asked me if I want to pick out a song to play and she called all my recommendations trash. Lol

Did she just say those things to hurt me because of whatever reason or do you think people really laugh behind my back just because I don't dress all black?
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Who cares?

Often people are rude or aggressive toward people who are 'safe' and won't fight back - a lot of what she says will be those words someone else will have directed at her and she is just repeating and offloading them.

Her loss not yours.
You go to a festival there is always a % chance you will run into someone unpleasant. you prob can't fix them.

Despite events being labelled as alternative and theoretically more accepting etc, I've ran into intolerant gatekeeping A holes just the same,
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Alt people are the ******* worst for this sort of nonsense, and I say that having been in 'the scene;' for 25+ years. Ignore it.

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