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Higher Education Destinations: Wales vs The Rest of the World

If you are classed as an international student, this post may be of interest to you! How to decide where to apply when you have not visited the country and what to look out for when you’re choosing your uni? Keep reading to find out what helped me!
Student Satisfaction this is a key marker that differentiates average or below average universities from top-tier institutions. Published guidelines such as The Guardian and The Complete University Guide are a good place to start. This will help to inform your choice with subject specific stats. Welsh universities like Swansea are consistently featured and ranked in these tables.
Medicine at Swansea University
Swansea University
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Location, Location, Location You will spend several years living away from friends and family therefore, it is important that you thoroughly consider how that will make you feel. What are you looking for in your home away from home? A busy city? A quaint student town? In my opinion, choosing a friendly, close-knit city for higher education helps you bond with the place and in turn makes it an easy adjustment to a different culture. Swansea University offers the right mix of city life and small beachside town.
Cost of living a hot topic right now is the increase in cost of living globally. This impacts university students quite seriously as with only part-time job opportunities students can suffer considerably. In Wales, the cost of living is up to 20% lower than some of the larger UK cities like London. At Swansea, the Students’ Union and the University understand the impact this can have on students. You can read more about the aid at Swansea here. You can also find out more about managing money in this TSR article by our own students.
Campus life apart from degree specifications, another thing to focus on is the campus culture. Many universities in the USA, operate on a hybrid model of room sharing campus accommodation and off-campus housing. However, most UK/Welsh universities have ensuite private rooms in university accommodations which are guaranteed for the first year for international students (subject to availability). You also have the option of taking a 360 online tour of the property while still in your home country! View some of the accommodation options on this page. As an international student, living in uni accommodation provides a safety blanket as well as opportunities to socialise.
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Entry requirements not all universities have clear-cut and easily understandable entry requirements for international students. Do look up the specific ones that apply to you. Some universities do not accept any equivalencies and you must sit additional exams to meet the criteria. At Swansea, there are lots of different options including foundation years for certain courses! This is not something that all universities uniformly offer. If your first language or language of instruction is not English, don’t worry Swansea also has an English Language Training Service.*
I hope these viewpoints help you make an informed decision about higher education destinations. All the best with your applications!*
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Ruchika Yadav Swansea Student Ambassador Final Year Medical Student

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