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Reverse breakup?

Hi all, so I broke up with this girl in person about 6 months ago after it seemed she became slightly different and distant feeling. We talked often as friends for a couple of weeks and then I told her I didn't want to hear from her because she started acting like she broke up with me... It was unusual and weird I thought. 5 months later she reappeared and messaged me on Facebook, basically saying she purposely changed and had been faking most of the affection for me during our 2.5-month fling. She said she almost broke up with me but was too afraid I'd argue and said she was a coward, so she purposely let me do it. I never yelled at her or laid a hand on her. My question is: has this ever happened to anyone or is it more a "saving face" gesture in front of a supposed new bf? Something else? Any input, experiences, or questions are welcome :smile: Thanks!
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Does it matter? She's your ex of a 10-week fling.
why did you break up with her?

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