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A sixthformer who has no idea what to do at uni :D

So im currently in year 12, and i have nooooo clue what i would like to study in university! i live in greater london, and i have no issue where i go, relocating is not an issue for me. However, i have absoloutley no idea what i want to study when im older. TSR HELP!! I am studying one a level and 2 btecs.
- Travel and Tourism BTEC predicted grade- Distinction
- Music technology BTEC predicted grade- Merit
- Spanish A Level predicted grade- B
any suggestions would be amazing !
Well, what do you enjoy most about each of your subjects? What are you interested in academically? Do you have any ideas of what you might like to do professionally after a degree? Also, does that professional interest actually require a degree in the first place? Can you go directly into the field? Are there degree apprenticeships or similar you might be interested in, in that field?

Lots of starting questions to ask yourself (these are rhetorical - you don't need to answer them here, just things to start thinking about for yourself!). Also bear in mind there are lots of areas of study at degree level that you necessarily will never have encountered before formally. This is why it's important to explore areas outside of traditional school subject areas and do wider reading and other research. For example, if you enjoyed the aspect of learning about other cultures from your Spanish and travel and tourism studies, you may find anthropology something you would be interested in - and you might want to explore if that is of interest by reading some ethnographies and other anthropological works.

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