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How to know if a pharmacology degree is right for me?


in September i started studying chemistry at Oxford university but I'm really not enjoying my course and my time at uni so far. It's too physics and maths based and I'm really struggling not only with the work/workload and the speed of the course but also trying to motivate myself to study a degree which doesn't interest me, and it's becoming taxing on my mental and physical wellbeing.
I've decided to reapply through UCAS over the Christmas for a different degree but I'm not 100% what degree I want to do and with the UCAS deadline looming I'm getting quite stressed. I'm thinking about pharmacology, I took biology, chemistry, maths at A-level (I got 3 A*) and the I've always enjoyed human biology but couldn't see myself studying pure biology at degree level.

Ive read the course structure/ course content for pharmacology at a few unis but having made the wrong choice about my degree already I want to be 100% sure I will enjoy my degree.

So anyone studying a pharmacology/ knows about pharmacology. what is the balance between biology/chemistry of the degree and how theoretical is the chemistry? Also any topics from A-level that you think are comparable to the content (obviously simpler at A-level) to a pharmacology degree? So far I've looked mainly at the bath and Nottingham courses. Also I'm not sure what job I want in the future, but how employable is a pharmacology degree?

Thank you :smile:

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