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Change from history to nursing

I'm a graduate of history and heritage studies but now I want to change to Nursing, what do I do?
Look into 2 year conversion courses. You will get funded again for these (similar to a new undergraduate) and can apply for the £5000 Learning Support Fund on top of the standard loans if you study in England. You will usually need some care experience (about 500 hours or more) for the conversion courses. If you lack this experience you can apply for the normal 3 year bachelor degree courses and be funded like a new undergraduate again as well as receiving the Learning Support Fund for study in England.

Google NHS healthcareers website, they have good information and list relevant courses :smile:
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Hi there!

You can do a MSc in Nursing, as this requires a previous undergraduate degree and can be in any field, and is a 2 year course

Enquire with Student Finance and the NHS Learning Support fund to see what funding you can get for this ☺️

Good luck!

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