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Is it possible to re-take an entire year of a course, at a different university?

I took Film Studies at Edge Hill a few years ago, but due to covid and other things my third year didn't go well and I had to drop out near the end, with only a few essays withstanding.

Since then, Edge Hill no longer offers film studies as an option, its combined film studies with production for a far more broad course with far fewer options. So if I was to retake my third year, I'd have to do so at a different university in Liverpool.

Is this possible? Would I be able to start at a different university, with my credits carrying over at the third year? I wouldn't be able to start any lower as student finance wouldn't cover me for more than one year.
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It would be exceptionally rare for any Uni to accept you into a 3rd year of any degree.
They may accept you to repeat the 2nd year, but the only way you will be able to find out is by phoning/emailing that specific Uni with the grade transcript from your current Uni and asking them.

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