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Failed year 2, uni wont offer a repeat year

Hello everyone, im in a bit of a crappy (self inflicted) situation as a result of not taking my second year of uni (mathematics) seriously at all. I failed a second resit for one of my module's exams (scraped a fail but a fail nevertheless) and its resulted in me not being able to continue with my course.

Its been very hard to get in contact with my course registry but otehr regostrys have told me its looking like im unlikely to be able to have a repeat year.

My question is, if my uni were to not take me back, is there any other options for me? I only have 2 years left of SFE and thus couldnt start a new course. Would a uni potentially take me on joining in year 2 considering ive already passed year 1 of maths?

I guess worst case scenario i would have to work for a little while to save up enough to pay for one year? obvisouly that really wouldn't be ideal.

Any help here would be great, Thanks!
Have you read the OP of the University Transfer FAQ at the top of the applications, clearing and ucas forum?
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Either a Uni asking for much lower A level grades - ie. who may be able to ignore your failed year - OR Open University.

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