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I have a certificate of higher education what do i do?

So I started uni in 2017, then things got a bit rough and i failed second year in 2019. I am an international student so i decided not to go back and do it externally, but i missed up again and in 2021 I was granted a certificate of higher education instead of a bachelors degree. I want to complete my bachelors because i cant find jobs and i have no real skill. Im 24 now and so scared about my future. What do i do? any tips is appreciated thanks
How many years of study have you spent in the UK on a student visa?
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Then any uk university may be wary of making you an offer. You’ve already repeated a year and failed and UKVI will only allow a maximum of 5 years in total study for an undergraduate degree.,five%20years%20and%2011%20months.

You might be better off studying in your home country or looking into distance learning courses

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