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Mom takes all the credit for my IGCSE results

I got 8As and 1B (for history) for my IGCSEs. After more than 6 months of continuous study, my efforts were all paid for. My mom and dad were more than rejoiced...but not for long.

My mom keeps saying, (and fights) that it's their effort that made me score and I really can't take it as a properly valid result cz i 'apparently didnt do much on my own'. All I know is, it was hard for me just after covid, and my grades dropped a bit in my year 1 at OLs. My mom was furious about it and kept pressuring me on and on about how LITERALLY A COUPLE PAGES OF my notes weren't complete, blamed my friends, blamed me for being 'rebellious' (I'm the last person anyone would call rebellious) and blamed it on my tennage 'hormones'. But i managed to work little by little to get it up. Slowly. It still wasn't enough for my parents, so the pressuring kept on. They forced me to go to tuition and even then, my mom said 'even though u go to tuition it doesnt mean you're gonna get good results so work for it'. AND I DID!

A year and a half later, I'm here with superb results, overjoyed that I made them happy, until...they're not. She said quote : 'this is the result of your tuitions child, not yours. it's our money that repayed us. Now go do your ALs and make us proud' like-

WHAT IF EVEN AFTER I ACED MY ALS TOO, THEY'LL SAY NAURRR THIS IS OUR EFFORT AND NOT YOURS. Guys trust me i love my parents to death and i know they played a huge part in my upbringing, and I hope someday I can repay all they have spent on my behalf but this??? There was a HUGE fight in my household about this, and my mom even said I dont deserve a reward for my efforts... How do they expect me to go on? How do they expect me to stay motivated when after the two most challenging years of life, i overcame it, and they say its not worth? I need some help here. Please. (I told my best friend and she was beyond mad, cz she knows how much i struggled the past two years)
Man look its their first time living too, they're gonna make mistakes I guess you cant really hold it against your mother cause at the end of the day that's your mom if she genuinely believes shes the reason for your success shes gonna keep believing that, let her just believe it for her self maybe it makes her feel good about her self, all of students in reality know it was all your efforts and you don't have to prove it to anyone because remember at the end of the day your good grades in the next 2 years are gonna ensure you better opportunities for the future, not ur mother so at the end of the day you trying hard benefits you and you only and your grades derive from your effort and your effort only. Dont give up keep doing your best and just know in your heart everything is a result of your hard work.

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