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Got offer from Bath and Durham, Which university is best in terms of job prospects ?
In the complete university guide - Overall score - Bath is at 2nd place and Durham is at 11th.
Heard Durham Uni is more prestigious. I am confused. Please suggest.
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Are you an international or UK applicant?

I don't believe in those scores - or any of the tables other than very for broad bucket comparison. May as well compare the percentage of students called 'Charlotte' or 'Sebastian'.

My guess is that if you consider other factors evenly Bath is the place to go. Reasons:

Very strong year in industry support. Not sure why but seems to outperform other universities in this regard by a long way.

Requires A level maths - Durham just needs a meh grade at GCSE. Probably means they can teach some of the course slightly differently. Whether or not it really matters employers know this.

Bath tends to attract people who are erring towards focussing on employability. Again - employers know this, and you may gain something from hearing the things your fellow students are doing to meet their ambitions.

Overall any difference is minimal. If one has better sports facilities for a game you play go there.
I would say Bath. Better location (proximity to London). More professionally driven cohort, great access to industry. Awesome graduate prospects (of course Durham is very good too). Both are semi-targets, not much difference from the perspective of employers. I applied for the same course and did not apply to Durham. I have offers from Warwick, KCL, Bath, and Bristol. Waiting on LSE. If you have other reasons to choose Durham over Bath, that is totally fine, they are both great.

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