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FtP (question about a right to reply)

I was a second-year student on a Mental Health Nursing degree, at a university in the UK. For the past three months, I have been taken through the university’s disciplinary process. This is based on two allegations:

1. Misconduct, including Breaches of Professional Codes of Conduct.
2. Physical or Mental Health.

The University's case was raised as I have had three Causes for Concern (allegedly, a supportive framework, but I am not so sure), during my eighteen months at the university. These related to:

1. An incident that I reported myself for a misunderstanding, I believed the group’s WhatsApp group was a safe space to let off steam (about a fellow student, not in the group), but as it turns out, it was not so safe!
2. The number of absences I had during my first year.

These two Causes for Concern have been resolved.

The third Cause for Concern, however, was raised by my Personal Tutor and relies solely on hearsay evidence. The outcome of the proceedings was concluded yesterday (2nd February 2024), and my place has been terminated (I was removed from the course). This was decided on the basis that I've breached a number of the NMC’s (Nursing & Midwifery Council’s) code of conduct. The difficult part is that one of the allegations involved my allegedly intimidating and humiliating a fellow nursing student. I only learnt of this accusation when I received the School of Health and Social Care's Fitness to Practice evidence bundle (in December 2023). At no point (at the time of the alleged incident, approximately June 2023) was anything told or asked of me.

My question relates to, whether the ‘accused person’ has a right to know the accusation has been made (and more importantly, a right to reply). As this specific accusation relates to the first Cause for Concern, (they are two separate incidents) there can be no doubt this will have significantly influenced the disciplinary panel’s decision. To my mind, this is grossly unfair. The complaint presents my conduct as though, not only did I fail to learn from the incident (the first Cause for Concern) but as though my behaviour has escalated into intimidating colleagues. This is my last chance, as I have been terminated from my program.

I would be grateful for any help you can provide. One of the reasons I am posting this is because I am planning and coordinating my appeal.

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