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i need help!!!!

so is it bad to have like long distance relationships and send pics. i never had like a face to face relationship in person. like im scared because what if i dont find a real reltionship to be in preson with!!???

ps.i had like a few long distance relationships and im a virgin
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If by 'pics' you mean nudes, it's illegal to make, send and receive them if you or the are under 18. Anyway, you shouldn't need to send them just to get someone to like you and certainly not if you don't know the other person properly.

If you are nervous of being in a relationship then don’t get into one of any kind; you could be influenced into doing things you aren't comfortable with because you think it's the right thing to do. Relationships are love, company, support, shared ambitions and activities, trust, communication; how do you get that just being online?

Embrace being single; you can't make someone else happy if you aren't. There's no rush to be involved with anybody.

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