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Day in the Life of a DMU Student

Hi everyone,

In the given post I will describe my experiences at DMU as a second year international student.

Immersed in the life of De Montfort University as a second-year cyber security student, each day for me is a unique journey of learning, exploration, and self-improvement.

My day starts with my phone. I wake up and immediately reach out for my phone to check the MyDMU app. This handy tool holds the blueprint of my day, outlining my schedule, the lectures I need to attend, and any crucial updates I need to be aware of.

After refreshing my mind with the day's plan, I log into the Learning Zone. This interactive online portal is DMU's digital hub for study materials, discussions, and more. I go through any new announcements or updates from my teachers, ensuring that I'm always in sync with everything.

Once I'm aligned with my schedule, I go for the most important meal of the day - breakfast. A short walk takes me to the Food Village, my favourite place on campus. Here, I often buy a hot English breakfast, providing me with the necessary fuel to kickstart my day. To complement my breakfast, I grab a cup of coffee from the Starbucks which is within the Food Village.

Fully energised, I proceed to my lectures. As a cyber security student, every lecture is a fascinating dive into the world of technology. I make detailed notes on my laptop, capturing every important point. These notes really aid in revision and self-study.

After lectures, I usually book the individual study room in the library. Located on the lower floor, these rooms are equipped with calming RGB lights, sound isolation, and PCs, creating an atmosphere for focused learning.

The practical part of my study takes me to the Security Operations Centre located in the Gateway House. This is where we apply our theoretical knowledge, learning about Intrusion Prevention Systems and engaging in threat hunting. These sessions add an element of realism to our learning, preparing us for real-world challenges.

After a day on campus, I believe in maintaining a balance with personal well-being. I head home, and then straight to the DMU’s leisure centre for a gym session. These physical exercises are essential, keeping my body robust and my mind sharp.

As the evening draws in, I make a quick stop at Tesco to pick up some food. Cooking is a vital activity for me, and I enjoy making a nice dinner at home. After a meal, I relax and watch some YouTube videos.

However, the day is not over yet. I dedicate the latter part of my evening to self-study, going through my lecture notes, and ensuring my understanding of the day's lessons. This prepares me for tomorrow's lectures and labs, ensuring I'm always a step ahead.

Overall, a day in my life at DMU is a dynamic blend of studying, practical activities, personal well-being, and self-improvement. Each day is a step towards my goal of becoming a proficient cyber security professional.

Please, do not hesitate to ask questions,

Ilya :smile:
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