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Hello to Spring!

Hiya! :hello:

As spring is upon us :flower2:, I am just taking this opportunity to check in and see how everyone is getting on? Has everyone heard back from their universities yet? Anyone still got interviews? Anyone already confirmed their Firm and Insurance on UCAS? What stages are we at? I would suggest if anyone has any questions :question:, to leave a message on this thread, or if it is about De Montfort University specifically you can always get in contact with us! :call2::call:

DMU’s enquiry contact info

Telephone: 0116 250 6070

Email: [email protected]

We also work on The Ambassador Platform, and you can message myself or other ambassadors if you have any questions :h:

What to do in the meantime…

Here are just a few suggestions, from my experience of being a student of what you can do in the meantime before September/ October!

If you are currently studying trying to achieve the required UCAS points :smartass: keep going and it will all, be worth it in the end!

I would also recommend if you haven’t done so already visiting the university at an Open Day. Personally, I visited DMU twice the first time was to check out the university as a potential option and the second was when I was certain, and I knew I wanted to study here but wanted to double check I was making the right decision. When I visited on the second occasion, I took the opportunity, to finalise my decision about accommodation, to explore the nearby city and again just enjoy the Open Day to make sure I was happy and it was the right decision to put DMU as my firm choice.:smile:. Also, some universities might offer applicant days specifically designed in mind for students who have an offer from the university (and if this sounds interesting, keep checking your emails, get in contact with the university and check the university website to see if your university offers this.)

If you are planning to live in accommodation, I would do more research about this such as where you would want to live, what is nearby and what are the reviews - as this is what I factored in when deciding. After this is confirmed, you can start thinking about what you may need, what already comes with the room and what do you need to buy for moving in etc (for example I bought bits and bobs over a few months so it wasn’t one big expense at a time and was spread out.)

Academically, this isn't a necessity but just a suggestion you can try and read up and find some information about the modules you are going to cover with the course this is great prep work for some basic background knowledge and to help with the first few not feeling as overwhelming. Similarly, you can even read some academic journals from sources such as Google Scholar, Science Direct and Academic Search Premier etc to just familiarise yourself with the level of university and mentally pre-pare. However, my experience of the first few weeks is that you are gradually introduced and not suddenly dropped in the deep end (it's just nice to feel a bit pre-pared and be aware of the expectations / standard) :cyber:

Financially, perhaps start saving some extra money on the side just to help initially with some expenses because if you were planning to get a job as you started university it could take a while and in some cases not always instant. I would also recommend, learning how to budget your money and consider factors which are priorities such as rent, food shopping and transport etc. :train2:

Socially, you can always join any sort of social pages for example there tends to be some on Facebook and on this platform such as whatever university and year of entry e.g. 2024 Freshers - this isn't a guarantee to meet people, so please don't be too disheartened if you don't but sometimes individuals may post about accommodations and what courses they are studying and you can always look at this in the meantime.

Not applied to university yet, but want to go?

If you haven’t applied for university yet, as you were undecided but now want to apply for this academic year I would recommend getting in contact with the university’s admissions team. Incase you are interested, here is DMU’s admissions contact details

Telephone: 0116 207 8443

Email: [email protected]

I would also recommend plenty of research and if applicable look at clearing also

Deadlines and important dates

To ensure that you don’t miss out I would recommend keeping some sort of diary for important deadlines and to keep yourself organised do you know when to apply for student finance, do you know when you can move in for accommodation, do you know when you need to confirm your UCAS decisions etc because you wouldn’t want to leave anything last minute and increase your stress!

I hope this has been helpful, and as I have already stated I will be happy to assist any further :smile:

-Maddie :heart: second year Health and well-being in society student at De Montfort University
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