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BSc Accounting and Finance at Exeter or BAEcon at Manchester?

I don’t really mind going to either uni but in terms of value, which course would be better? The BAEcon at Manchester would be with an accounting and finance pathway. I narrowed down my choices to these two so just hoping for some opinions on the courses and employability ect.
In terms of employability/prospects they are about as even as you can get. Manchester possibly has better international reputation if that matters to you. Both are towards the lower end of semi-targets (so still very good).

I think it should really come down to personal preference, since Exeter and Manchester are going to give you completely different experiences in terms of student life.
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Employability would be dead even.

The cities are very different - have you considered this?

The course at Manchester is pretty unusual in that you have a massive range of social science/ economics courses available to you should you find that you don't enjoy studying accountancy. That can be a significant benefit and takes away a lot of risk so long as the broader subjects are something that interests you.

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