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can i resit my science gcse ?

when and how can i resit my science gcse (i did combined last year). i started year 12 in september...

if anyone could let me know then i would appreciate it thanks
Some schools offer a free resit whilst some range from £30 to £100 per exam subject. I believe you can enter GCSE subjects this summer (May/June) in 2024, where other people in Y11 will also be taking their exams.
You can enrol to resit your GCSEs at a local school or college.

(reminder: I did research online! So, if I'm wrong, please correct me!)
When? May/June 2024 or 2025
How? find a centre willing to enter you and pay the fees.
GCSE science exams in England are only offered in the May/June exam window, The deadline for entries in summer 2024 has already passed. You could still be entered but many centres won't do it and the fees would be high if you can find a centre that will. Your school exams officer or head of science could clarify if they would be prepared to enter you as a private candidate, If not then you have to search for a centre that would. The JCQ web site can help with locating possible centres

Alternatively, you could look at taking IGCSE exams that are available at other times of the year. They cover similar content and are equivalent qualifications.
Independent schools are worth looking at as potential centres as a private candidate and most specialist tutorial/exam centres offer them e,g,
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