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GAMSAT/UCAT as a Busy Professional

Hey guys,

Looking for a little bit of advice.

I'm a 34 year old Chartered Physiotherapist. I feel ridiculous for even considering re-visiting Medicine (I applied 13 years ago after my initial Economics degree - yes, I've already changed career paths once), but there's always been this thing in the back of my mind pushing me towards it.

Anyway, despite having wonderful-but-expensive-to-keep-alive-kids, I'm now in a very fortunate position financially to potentially go back to University without any impact on my family. Naturally my preferred option would be the Medical Doctor Apprenticeship route, however, they're likely to be ridiculously competitive and seemingly are only available in the South (I'm a Northern chap with a settled family).

So, this brings me to UCAT I've previously sat the UCAT and did reasonably well. I've signed up to Medify to get back into the swing of things, and would be looking to sit it at the earliest opportunity in July. My preferred option in terms of GEM would be Warwick (from a UCAT perspective); and I'm confident, should I get a sufficient UCAT score, that my academic background, work experience and extra curricular stuff would make me a 'strong' applicant.

However, I want to be prepared for a sub-par UCAT score. I appreciate that even extremely intelligent people, who have prepared for months, can score poorly. So I want to make sure that should I underperform, I have other options.

Which leads us to GAMSAT. Assuming I sat the UCAT on the 8th of July, this would give me just over 2 months of prep time for the GAMSAT. Is this enough time? Let's assume I had absolutely no other distractions. That I could literally spend 6-8 hours a day preparing with all of the resources I require, is this enough time? Apart from the Physiotherapy degree and Science GCSEs, I have no other scientific background (as noted, my first degree was Economics and my A Levels were all orientated towards that).

Apologies for the novel.

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