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Welcome to the GEM 2024 entry thread.

Here you can chat to other applicants for Graduate Entry Medicine :awesome:

Please also find here a link to the offer tracker spreadsheet for this programme:

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Reply 2
I want to apply next September and debating on adding the gamsat to increase my options but also dreading the amount of revision needed for the gamsat whilst juggling kids and full time work…guess I need to come up with a GamePlan
Reply 3
Looking for similar advice as Im currently in 1st year of UG at age 19 and looking to get into medicine in 2024 entry. I didn't do science a levels nor a science degree so I guess the only thing I can say is, it will be rigorous but even though Im much younge, people have began med school at 40+ and became doctors so nothing is impossible in the field of medicine.
Reply 4
I felt Medicine was suited for me as I always enjoyed watching the hands on experience in surgery. As for the degree well I'd picked it after being on a gap year. Only after starting the degree have I decided that Corporate jobs ain't for me and its better to switch to a career Ill enjoy.
Reply 5
No I have a job as a restaurant server with customer experience and most of my work history is suited to banking and finance which Im doing as degree
Reply 6
Its more so about having a diverse profession where I can save lives anywhere with my skills as a physician and also the accomplishment of going through a tough and rigorous process of hard work.
Reply 7
🤣🤣🤣 I mean thats what Im trying to do all day and night.

Please give me some tips for preparation for 2024 entrance. Non science a levels and degree so starting from 0.
Reply 8
I already have a list og 5 unis for gem that acceot non science degree + non science a levels
Reply 9
Yes I have decided to go for March 2022 to get a good calculation of where I stand. Once my jan exams Ill get studying for Gamsat
Looking at organic chemistry Im already overwhelmed hahaa. Hopefully things become more comprehensive as I learn the content.
Reply 11
Hi TSR, this is my first post!

I've decided that I want to pursue medicine and apply to GEM after I complete my undergrad. I'm currently in my first year at Imperial doing Biology and I know it might seem a bit early but I want to start preparing to give myself a good chance at hopefully getting a place.

I didn't apply for undergrad entry medicine so I don't have practice on any of the exams or interviews so I know I might be at a disadvantage there. Any tips and time scales on when I should prepare would be helpful!

I'm trying to get in some experience and have an interview for volunteering as a ward companion this week, which I am so excited about!

Advice for succeeding to get a place on a GEM course would be very much appreciated! And an ambition of mine would be to get onto the Oxbridge GEM courses, so any tips and ways that I can stand out from the competition there would also be welcome!
Reply 12
Oh no, I was thinking that too but I ended up just going with the flow and enrolled at Imperial because I wasn't 100% sure then about medicine, which I sort of regret now... but it is what it is and I'll try to use it to my advantage and hopefully partake in some medical research in a UROP at Imperial. I was orginally thinking about dropping out but I'm worried that might come across badly when I apply.

I got A*, A*, A, A in Biology, Geography, Chemistry and Maths respectively - are these not strong enough for Oxbridge?
Reply 13
Ahhh problem was that I didn't want to do medicine at the time I was applying, I was set on going into academic research and now I feel so stupid. Doing medicine was always at the back of my mind but when I started thinking about it more in the massive summer holiday that I had I wasn't very sure so I went on to enrol at Imperial. The course this term hasn't been as 'busy' (although I have exams coming up) and it's given me time to think about why I'm here and what I want to do. I never set out to apply to GEM before I enrolled I've just realised recently that I want to pursue medicine and not research. Perhaps dropping out may be better but honestly, that scares me especially since I am going to a good university and the timescale of it all.
Reply 14
Sorry, what do you mean by private company employers? Is that if I do not go into medicine?

Do you really think I won't stand much of a chance unless I drop out? I thought it was common for people to go into GEM from an undergrad and that I would be walking on a path that was already well-trodden...
Reply 15
Yup I've looked at the stats and I know it's around 30 applicants for a place.

I don't think I'm going to spend a lot of time looking back now because that would only cause regret and demotivate me for my upcoming exams! I've been trying hard and gotten a 1st in everything so far (though it's only the first term and a small % of my grade).

What do you think is the most important things I should be doing to help my application?

I'm also unsure if I should take just the UCAT and BMAT or do the GAMSAT too/instead of one.
Reply 16
Thank you!

Ok so I was looking at applying to Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick and I'm not sure about the last uni. I would love to apply to one in London but I know that they are considerably harder than some others to get a place on. Obviously, this might change but what do you think? Should I even be considering where I want to apply right now or further down the line?
Reply 17
By quite a bit do you mean the 70 hours?

I was actually stuck between QMUL and KCL as I know people there doing undergrad medicine and would allow me to live at home. So in that case do you think I should spend time preparing for the GAMSAT and take an exam on one of those early qualifying exams so I can assess whether I want to apply to GAMSAT unis or not? Though that would be time-consuming and expensive if it doesn't go well...

On the Imperial Medicine website, it says that 'For 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic year, the A300 programme (MBBS Graduate Medicine, direct entry) has been suspended due to the implementation of the new medicine curriculum.' so there may be a chance to apply to Imperial in 2023 but without any stats from previous years. Though when I emailed admissions about this they just said it's suspended so there's no guarantee on it being true either.
Reply 18
Yes, maybe I'll have a look at the GAMSAT in more detail and try and decide if it is something that I want to do to help keep my options open.

Following on from the required work experience at Warwick and the current situation with COVID, do you know where I would be able to get this experience as my local hospital is not offering any work experience placements at the moment? Is it just in a hospital shadowing or do GP placements and other things like volunteering as a ward companion meet the requirement and is there a time frame that it has to be completed in?

I did a very brief 3 day placement in the cardiology department during my Year 11 Summer, which I am a bit hesitant to write about in my application as, to be honest, I did not engage with a great deal and I do not remember a lot of details. Do you think I would have to mention this as I know a lot of universities require you to write a list of all the experience you have?
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Reply 19
Thank you! I'm sorry I made you answer that for me, I could have saved you the trouble and found it myself! :ashamed:

I just have a couple of more questions and then I'll leave you alone!

On the Cambridge website, it says 'Applications from students who have failed at or been excluded from another medical school will not normally be considered for entry to Medicine at Cambridge.' so does this mean that if I do not succeed on my first application I can no longer apply to Cambridge or is it more for those that have failed Medicine elsewhere.

I was also planning on starting a blog to help keep me motivated and talk about what's going on in medicine at the moment. I was originally thinking of doing this just for fun for myself but would universities also be interested in this if I mention it on my application? If so I might change some aspects of it to appeal more to them.

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