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Long distance relationship anecdotes?

Does anyone have any long distance relationship stories they don’t mind sharing? I feel like I’m alone in this. Thanks to anyone who contributes.
I jumped into my first and only LDR way way too soon after getting to know my now ex-girlfriend. We didn't realise we were incompatible. I'm a very patient person by nature and I knew we'd only be able to see each other once every few months (4hr drive away, 5ish hours on the coach, we were both 15 and turned 16 during our relationship so didn't really have the independence to travel by ourselves). She was not as patient however, and her sex drive was a lot higher. We did stuff over the phone (only after we did stuff irl and discussed it irl), never any photos, just long paragraphs of text.

A week or so before we both had exams, she told me she liked someone else, and we went on a break. We got back together for a few months, until she asked for an open relationship. Basically she wanted to sleep with other people because us being long distance didn't fulfill what she wanted, understandable, but we were incompatible because I had never expressed any intentions of wanting an open relationship and to me, it just meant the relationship was over.

Since the first break, I was already emotionally prepared for another break or break-up so I was upset, angry for a few days until I just harboured no emotions toward her at all. We were together for a year and almost 2 months.

Probably not the story you wanted to hear but !!! It's an insight into a LDR. It is so so important to talk at lengths with what you and your partner want, plans for the future, etc etc.

If you have any questions then I will be happy to try and answer !!

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