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My boyfriend has changed

My boyfriend (long distance relationship) has changed a lot for the past one month he is texting me less , he used to say I love you most of the times or when we hung up the phone he is not anymore , we used to call each other at least three times a week now never , when I asked him if he wanna stop talking to me he said that this is my solution to the problem ? , and he said that there is coldness between me and him , I’m going crazy and crying nearly everyday , is there someone else ? Did he get bored of me ? Why he doesn’t confess and tell me the truth
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When he used to say "I love you" by text, what did that actually mean? Long distance relationships suck at the best of times and border on pointlessness but if your security in that relationship is measured by how many kisses he puts at the end of a text message, perhaps it is time to look elsewhere?

PS - commas and full stops go after the last letter. There is not a space in front.

Good luck!
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This sort of creeping bad treatment is probably a sign that he’s going cold. It’s different to deal with because communication is deteriorating. Asking questions and trying to get to the bottom of it may not help. If you really value the relationship I would try backing off a bit, staying positive and maintaining your independence. Otherwise preemptive dumping is a good consideration, it certainly would boost self esteem one you’re though the breakup

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