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Transferring universities after foundation year

I was just accepted into the London Met criminology foundation year and I was wondering if it would be possible to transfer universities after I complete the zero year, or if it would be better to apply to transfer after completing the first year(foundation year then year one). I was hoping to transfer to City, University of London but I wanted to know if it was likely that I be accepted.
It would depend on the spaces they have and also if you meet their A level requirement. Foundation years are not stand alone qualifications so the A level tarif would apply still.
You would need to contact the University you wanted to apply to, to ask them directly
Financially (and in terms of having the most options available) it’s almost always better to retake A levels/level 3 qualifications instead of taking a foundation year. Especially if you don’t want to stay at the university offering the foundation year for your degree.

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