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Frontline programme and universal credit

Hi all,
I’m due to start the frontline social work course in July. I just wanted to ask about the bursery and UC. I know that the first £110 is disregarded before they deduct it £ for £. My overall award is more than the bursary so does that mean I’ll be left with some of my UC award? I’m sure the answer is yes but I’m doubting myself!
In for a tight year financially so want to be 100% sure what I’m heading into! BTW, single parent, two children, private rent.
I have been wondering the same, but I’ve heard differently that for the first year it’s not treated like earnings so it’s not £110 disregarded. I’m not certain though so hopefully someone who knows more comes to answer
Hope you don’t mind me jumping in this discussion! I have 2 children about the start programme in July and was wondering if I’d get the funded childcare hours still?
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