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Changing to Part-time MA half way through


I'm currently doing a full-time MA, I recieve a full Postgraduate loan. However, I am struggling with my health and this is affecting my studies. How would my funding be affected/change if I changed to Part-Time; I am half way through my course/ would I still be funded, I started in September 2023, and it is now March 2024. Thanks.
Hi there. If you change to part time the payment schedule will change so that payments are paid over the duration of the part time course. If you have already received the full entitlement and then changed to part time, you won't receive any further funding because you will have already received the full entitlement.

We would need the university to send us the changes directly.

Thanks, Leah.
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Hi Leah, I've only paid two installments. My last one comes in April I believe. What does this mean? Thanks so much.
It depends on when you change. If you haven't received the one in April and we have made the change with the university, then this remaining payment will be split up over the remainder of the course.

If the change is made and you have already received the final payment, then no further payments would be release to you for the remainder of the course, as you would have received the full entitlement.

Thanks, Leah.

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