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Moving out of uni house- drama

Basically im dropping out due to the issue of gaining little support from the university for my disabilities, this meant I had to get out of a house contract and find a replacement tenant. My housemates have been arguing over rooms, particularly two rooms in the attic. At first when we viewed it, there was a awkward shaped room and one housemate (R) said they rlly liked it and would take that room and everyone else was happy because they were all unsure of the room (myself included). we did choose all of our rooms, however the housemate (R) who liked the awkward room switched up and changed their mind saying they wanted a room my other housemate (S) wanted. they were arguing for weeks, making the situation tense and stressful and barely communicating. I`did tell them about my decision to plan to drop out but I never said i would give up the chosen room etc but said I would find a replacement. I was the one who booked all the house appointments and viewings, they did nothing and I strongly communicated about the problem of rooms and if everyone was happy and it felt fair that I was able to choose my room at least. Now my housemate (S) wants to move in that room I had chosen because im leaving and saying im difficult but the awkward room is very hard to advertise and would leave me in a lot of debt. I suggested a compromise that I could try advertising the awkward room for a month but if it doesn't work out ill go back to my original room. the housemates said I was unreasonable but when I comprised and stated I didn't want to be having to deal with the consequences of everyone's arguing the past few weeks and it was unfair on me. Am I being unreasonable?

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