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Mature physiotherapy student thinking of finishing it

I was wondering if there are any older students out there or anyone who has been in a similar situation. I went back into education because it was my biggest goal to become a physio. This was something I had wanted for years and years, and you would think that I would have been so committed to seeing it through, and I was, but now that has all changed.

The first year was fine, I was so excited and despite being the oldest by far, I was so motivated. Fast forward 2 years and I have failed a placement and got pulled out of another placement after I took a patient to the toilet, he became unwell and I pulled the emergency buzzer for help but no one came, so I ran for help but then got failed for unsafe practice because I left the patient.
The university have offered me a chance to retake and I should be pleased, and part of me is, however, I do not know if mentally I can deal with the stress of facing another failure.
I wonder if I should just move on. I find the hospital environment often emotionally draining and hostile ( please don't judge me- I am just giving my honest opinion), however part of me feels like I should keep going and see it through. I could just move on but part of me feels that unsure about letting go of this forever. I know there are other areas apart from hospitals which I might find better and I might re-kindle my love of physio. But maybe I'm just rubbish at it and should accept that,

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